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Lead Two Year Old Teacher

All My Children #4
Date Posted: 12/05/2023
Location: Jamaica, New York
Salary/Wage: $22 - $28 an hour (wage is commensurate depending on education and experience level)
Job Type: Full-time
Work Arrangement: Onsite


Infant/Toddler teacher. A teacher for an infant-toddler program shall be at least 21 years of age and have the following qualifications:

 Experience working in an early childhood setting

 Be warm and loving with a positive attitude and appreciation of children

 Strong communication and interpersonal skills

 Must be flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of the children and program

 Respectful to all persons from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds

 Ability to organize and reflect teaching goals and progress in documentation: lesson plans, assessments and evaluations

 Ability to engage children in developmentally appropriate ways ( also including addressing children at eye level, sitting with children on the floor, engaging children in play and conversation)

 Ability to attend to daily tasks as an educator



 Teachers are responsible to maintain their credentials including child abuse training, infectious disease, physical examination and have a cleared (SCR) background and fingerprint check

 Ensure that all regulations and codes are strictly and consistently adhered, documented and reported. Display policies as required.

 Ensure children are supervised at all times-Ensure appropriate adult child ratio

 Prevent injuries and handle emergencies, accidents, and injuries appropriately when they occur. Log incident reports for injuries that occur on school grounds.

 Maintain attendance records of children

 Foster an environment that is conscious of nutrition and healthy habits

 Prepare children with safety procedures and rules in all areas; for example: class rules, fire drills,

 Familiar with all emergency/evacuation procedures and travel emergency kits are prepared and available

 Maintain current paperwork: Each child's file contains emergency contact, Brigance and ASQ or IEP, copy of Interest Interview, Recorded observations, Teaching Strategies GOLD progress checkpoints (3x year), Development and Learning Plan (3x), Family Conference Form (3x), Recorded significant communications regarding child
Each teacher’s Curriculum Binder will contain a copy of all lesson plans, newsletters/notices relating to family engagement, Teaching Strategies Gold Class Report, any teacher’s meetings with Director (agendas or handouts), professional developments, Communication Reports (class level), Classroom Checklist

 Participate in all staff training meetings.

 Hygienic and sanitary practices communicated, reminded and upheld (teachers wear gloves when handling food, wash hands frequently in compliance with DOH, brush teeth with children as directed, cleanup tables between activities, garbage can covered)

 Assist with diaper changing when needed (for infants & toddlers)

 Classrooms must be left neat and clean at end of day (include children in the clean-up process) and closets must be organized and well maintained.


 Ensure a responsive classroom environment that is conducive to learning and is developmentally appropriate to the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development of students with an emphasis on a child directed program that focuses on language development, emergent literacy and numeracy skills, and emphasizing autonomy and discovery

 Teach and manage the class in a manner consistent with the philosophy and goals of the company.

 Classroom is well maintained, organized, with clearly defined and labeled centers that are well supplied with a variety of modalities.

 Ensure Bulletin Boards contain authentic children’s work, reflective of school readiness goals and Gold objectives and what the work is in response to. Children’s work must have their name, the date, and their comment about the work on a post it near or on their work.

 Design, document and post cohesive and interdisciplinary instructional lessons reflective of Creative Curriculum and aligned with School Readiness Goals and Gold Objectives.

 Lesson Plans must be submitted to Education Director for review at least 2 weeks in advance of implementation (as stipulated by Site Director). They must include how it targets developmental domains in accordance with SRG and TS Gold (and IEP Goals) and each center in class. Current Lesson plans must be posted and reflected in the learning occurring in classroom- adapted in each center and evidenced on Bulletin Boards. Individualization must be specified for each child.

 Submit request for materials and resources in a timely manner- submitted order should be age appropriate, itemized with amount needed, and reasonably priced.

 Provide activities and opportunities that encourage curiosity, exploration, and problem-solving opportunities that are appropriate to the developmental levels of the children and relevant to their interests, as well as, accessing community resources.

 Fixed but flexible scheduling

 Post the daily schedule with pictures and words

 Transitions in schedule should be engaging, educational, and appropriate

 Provide for the screening and preparation of children to fully participate in program services

 Work with the coordinator to provide special education needs of young children in the full range of instructional services  Select books, equipment and other instructional materials appropriate for the early childhood program. Include materials and experiences in the classroom that are culturally appropriate and represent diversity

 Pedestrian Safety is completed in the first 30 days of program and documented in each child’s portfolio

 Fully transition children into and out of class ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION

 Administer Brigance and ASQ to each child within 45 days of program

 Conduct the completion of pre and post assessments for children.
 Observe children according to each developmental domain and maintain record of observations on a regular basis (must have at least two observations per child for each domain- per month). These should be entered on computer.

 Implement Creative Curriculum Gold Assessments three times throughout the year and generate reports thereof and plan curriculum experiences accordingly, to individualize for each child’s needs.

 Class Corrective Plans constructed to improve environment and learning experience

 Maintain a portfolio for each child that demonstrates their progress throughout the year and is reflective of SRG/TS Gold

 Engage in self evaluation and respond positively to feedback

 Evaluate work environment, if requested STAFF TEAM WORK

 Participate in regularly scheduled Early Childhood team meetings- every two weeks.

 Participate in team planning sessions with all staff to ensure well-coordinated and effective delivery of services to meet program objectives

 Foster a positive, respectful, supportive team setting between Teacher, Assistants, SEIT

 Take the time to inform and collaborate with assistants so there is a cohesive team effort

 Model developmentally appropriate activities and positive behavior management techniques through daily contact with children

 Model support and respect for agency efforts- team player

 If any issues need to be resolved, they are communicated appropriately and directly- with goal to resolve rather than simply complain

 Teacher must be open to new ideas and strategies and be willing to share ideas and practices with others- Each teacher will be expected to share (present) work in a professional development session. FAMILY ENGAGEMENT

 Always be positive, friendly and invite parent participation

 Inform parents on a regular basis about their child’s experiences- include a weekly/monthly newsletter that is typed and provides clear feedback to parents regarding children’s learning and skills with photographs

 Parent Orientation; ensure that parents have someone who speaks their language to clearly communicate

 Work with the parents to facilitate parent and child interactive (literacy) activities and other developmentally appropriate activities directly reinforcing curriculum

 Be respectful of cultural differences and needs and promote cultural diversity

 Conduct 3 Parent Teacher Conferences after generating a Family Conference Form- Discuss progress and develop plans together- ensure that each FCF is signed.

 Pedestrian safety and all safety learned should be followed up at home and signed by parents. Keep record of this in student’s binder.


 Demonstrate behavior that is professional, ethical, and responsible

 Model appropriate speech, dress, and mannerisms

 Attend staff meetings, training sessions, and other center/school events
 Participate when asked to share ideas and strategies in workshops
 Demonstrate flexibility and openness to new ideas in child care practices

 Maintain reliable attendance and punctuality, arranging and communicating leave requests in advance to HR Department

 Respect and adhere to staffing schedules which may be adjusted as programs’ needs change (this may consist of working in another classroom)

 Advance preparation as needed to effectively implement plans for each day

 Maintain strict confidentiality regarding children, parents, staff and any school business.
 Continue professional development through attending workshops, conferences and other staff development

 Study plans are consistently pursued when required for compliance

 Notify School Director and/or Assistant Director of needed repairs immediately to room, building, playground, equipment

 Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Director in compliance with All My Children Agency requirements RECORD KEEPING

 Keep all paperwork current: Curriculum Binder, Students Binder, Portfolios

 Highlight all safety on lesson plans
 Prompt submission of all paperwork to Director (lesson plans for review, etc.)


Infant/Toddler teacher. A teacher for an infant-toddler program shall be at least 21 years of age and have the following qualifications:

Bachelors Degree * must be in at least one of the following areas:

Child Psychology - as long as at least 12 credits are in early childhood

Child Development - as long as at least 12 credits are in early childhood

Elementary Education

N-6 Elementary Education

Special Education, Students with Disabilities (B-2 or 1-5)

General Education - as long as at least 12 credits are in early childhood


*To confirm this we will need official transcripts from your college/university, proof of NYS certification, copy of Bachelors degree, and/or course descriptions


Minimum Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
Preferred Education Level: Bachelor's Degree

Application Instructions:

Only serious inquiries please

Contact person:

Alessandra Long - Education Director

email resumes to :

contact number: 718-526-5911 ext. 400

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