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Do you have a CDA Certificate but need your CDA Credential?
Do you need support putting together your portfolio or preparing for the CDA Exam?
This CDA completion program is for you!

The new cohort dates for the CDA Completion program are as follows:

Spanish Cohort: Starts Wednesday, February 28.

English Cohort: Starts Tuesday, March 12.

Registration for the Spanish cohort is open

The program costs $300 to participate. Our advisors will review your application and will give you instructions for paying for this program if it is a good fit for your needs and if you are eligible for financial assistance.

Candidates will meet in group sessions and 1:1 as needed by appointment. By the end of the program, Candidates will understand the CDA Credentialing process. Candidates will have completed the portfolio with all competencies and resources required; have applied for the CDA exam, registered for the written exam at a Pearson Testing site, have an assigned PD Specialist, applied for the EIP funding for the exam, taken a practice test, and received Verification Visit coaching.

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What county do you primarily / usually work in? If unemployed, what county do you live in?
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Do you prefer to work with a trainer and advisor who speak English or Español?

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