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Social Service Manager

Union Settlement
Date Posted: 01/05/2022
Salary / Wage: $58,500
Location: New York, New York
Job Type:


The Social Service Manager will work under the leadership of the Family and Community Engagement Director. The Social Service Manager will work collaboratively with the Family and Community Engagement Director to ensure the family services systems are running effectively in order to achieve outcomes for families and children. The Social Service Manager works with the interdisciplinary team made up of a Mental Health Specialist, Center Directors, Director of Education and Disabilities, the Health Service Manager and Consultants. The Social Service Manager will provide guidance to staff and parents regarding mental health and family services for children and their families. The Social Service Manager will participate in recruitment and outreach planning and events, assist with monitoring enrollment, and collaborate with other departments within Union Settlement.


Participate in ERSEA and ongoing outreach.

Participate in interdisciplinary team meetings.

Oversee 85% attendance monthly monitoring and reporting. 

Review and sign off on the Family Partnership agreement.

Design and implement workshops for parents based on the needs of the Family Partnership


Under the leadership of the Family and Community Engagement Director, support and

manage the DASPC.

Identify mental health resources and assist families with obtaining supplemental mental

health services.

Develop and maintain a system of continuous, on-going monitoring of all Family Services


Collaboratively revise family services department forms.

Collaboratively work on policies and procedures for the family services department.

Participate in Family Services Meetings. 

Participate in Biweekly Supervision or as needed.

Monitor of social service documents within ChildPlus and student files.

Participate in biweekly team meetings with the Family Services managerial team.

Other tasks as assigned.


Master’s Degree in Social Work required.

Strong administrative skills are required.

Excellent communication and computer skills.

Experience advocating for families.

Commitment to professional development for themselves and their staff.

Demonstrate knowledge of Early Learn preferred.

Demonstrate knowledge of Head Start Performance Standards required.

Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred.

Excellent organizational ability and interpersonal skills.

Strong administrative skills required.

Overall flexibility and ability to work under pressure and meet many deadlines.

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