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Early Childhood Mentor Coach

Long Island Head Start
Date Posted: 12/17/2020
Salary / Wage: range
Location: Central Administration , New York
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•    The  major  function  of  the  Early  Childhood  Mentor  Coach  is  to  assist  in  the  
planning  and implementation of the coaching program for education staff.  The specific functions 
of the Early Childhood Mentor Coach are to: (1) provide expert services in the education service 
area; (2) coordinate,  monitor,  and  implement  a  research-based  coordinated  coaching  strategy 
 for education staff according to the coaching and professional development plan; (3) assure they 
are  in  accordance  with  accepted  standards  and  best  practices  in  the  early  childhood  
and education field.


•    Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education or a related field and adequate training and 
experience in adult learning and in using assessment data to drive coaching strategies aligned with 
program performance goals.

Application Instructions:

To  apply  for  the  position,  applicants  should  mail,  fax  (631)  758-2953,  or  email  
resumes  to  Please  indicate  position  desired.  For  more  information,  
visit our website at