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Date Posted: 10/06/2020
Salary / Wage:
Location: Bronx, New York
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In the absence of an assigned Teacher for the classroom due to a vacancy, and under the direct supervision of the Assistant Director/Program Coordinator, will provide instruction to students, document student progress, ensure the safety of the students and adhere to the professional standards recommended by the national Association for the Education of Young Children.


The below enumerated principal responsibilities are inclusive of both program specific and firm-wide related administration, as applicable.

  1. Facilitate the assignment of the Teacher Assistant(s)/Teacher Aide(s) to work with individual students or groups of students on instructional projects and activities.
  2. Meet with the Assistant Director to plan instructional activities and lesson plans following The creative Curriculum format.
  3. Under the supervision of the Assistant Director, write individual anecdotal records and work with he Assistant Director on the preparation of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) and the monitoring of student progress.
  4. Communicate with parents verbally and in writing under the direction of the Assistant Director.
  5. Participate in team meetings for students.
  6. Following the early learning center manual and health and safety plans, monitor the safety and well0being of the students.
  7. Perform other related duties as requested.


Working towards a Master's Degree with New York States certification as a collegiate student at the rate of not less than six semester hours per year or completion of a Master's Degree and in the process of taking the required teacher examinations to be eligible for New York State certification. If employed on a long-term basis in this capacity (more than 40 days) must be employed tot each in the subject area for which certification is being sought (student with disabilities birth - grade 2).

Additional Information:

  1. Work collaboratively with Teacher Assistants/Teacher Aides in the classroom.
  2. Individualize instruction and behavioral strategies for students to master IEP goals.
  3. Monitor students' development and learning and report outcomes for student using data.
  4. Ensure that there is a partnership between the school and parents.
  5. Communicate the educational perspective at interdisciplinary team meetings for students.
  6. Ensure compliance with safety, health and administrative issues related to students and staff.
  7. All other related duties as requested.