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Dr. T. Berry Brazelton

Two renowned scientists died yesterday.  One was Dr. T. Berry Brazelton.  He was a pediatrician.  Actually, he was this nation’s pediatrician.  I had the distinct honor of spending some time with Dr. Brazelton and I have always felt that he single-handedly changed the way this country understands infant children.   He also was the person who helped us understand just how essential the parent is to the healthy development of the child.  He made us understand the critical nature of healthy intimacy.

He was also the nation’s teacher – traveling the country to speak and train people to be more effective advocates and practitioners and writing countless books to help millions of teachers and families thrive in their roles with infants and young children, all while maintaining his professorship and his pediatric practice.

T. Berry Brazelton was one of the most generous people I have ever met – sharing his genius, passion, energy, and good humor in every encounter.  He was insightful and when you were in his presence you were quite sure that no one else was in the room.  I am betting that every one of his tiny patients felt the same way.  Whether you worked with him,  were treated by him, were taught by him, read his books, or whether you have encountered people that were changed by him, we are all better for having T. Berry Brazelton on this earth for nearly 100 years. 

In fond memory,

Sherry M. Cleary

Executive Director