The COVID-19 crisis has brought up hard feelings for all of us – teachers, families and children. Early childhood educators know their role is supporting children’s ability to recognize and name their feelings. They also have new opportunities to empathize with families and help parents manage their own feelings about recent changes.

Glenn Peters is a pre-K teacher in NYC.  At the onset of remote learning, Glenn searched for a way to connect with his students and families so he could address the many questions he knew were on their minds.

Glenn kept a box of Punch & Judy style puppets sequestered away beneath his bed, lying dormant for many years. Fortunately for the early childhood community, Glenn woke the sleeping puppet family to create Bebe Kingdom, introducing us to King Bebe, Queen Bebe, and Prince Dukke as they grappled with the new normal.  The resulting puppet shows address the following questions:

How does a young child structure their time while staying at home?

How do young children address the loss of social interactions? 

What strategies do families employ when they leave the house to shop for  groceries?

Glenn’s unique approach presents a vehicle for children to explore their questions and feelings in a time of uncertainty and change. The puppet shows also give families practical strategies for managing remote learning.

We hope that you will enjoy the adventures of Bebe Kingdom. How will you share this resource with your students and their families? We look forward to hearing your comments and feedback in the section below!

Bebe Kingdom Episode I – Trouble in the Kingdom – Prince Dukke Gets in Trouble
Bebe Kingdom Episode II –  Everything is Yuck!
Bebe Kingdom Episode III – Everything’s Changing All the Time
Bebe Kingdom Episode IV- Hitting the Wall