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The Institute’s First Annual Report

The Institute has released our first-ever annual report! This report provides a snapshot of much of our work in 2016. The Institute works at several levels to improve the early childhood workforce and expand quality improvement across the state. We work with the entire range of providers and service delivery systems – from higher education to informal family child care, and everyone in between. We support child care, Head Start, Pre-K and primary education programs. We partner with public agencies and non-profit organizations. We build systems, conduct and support research, and work with policymakers to implement evidence-based change. We work with other states across the country to learn from others and share the progress we’ve generated. Our work positively impacts the care and education that thousands of young New Yorkers and their families receive every day.

We do this all with generous and wise funders, an incredible cadre of partners and stakeholders, and an extraordinary team of people across New York who serve as our staff. The City University of New York provides a home and a compliment of services that enables our response to be efficient, affordable, and of the highest quality.

We thank you for your continued support!

To read our annual report, click here.