The Aspire Registry Summer Newsletter

The Aspire Registry team has released their Summer newsletter. Since 2015, the Aspire Registry Newsletter has discussed the latest Registry news and events, and highlighted the work of New York professionals in the field of early childhood. The newsletter also provides information about useful resources and tips for early childhood professionals. The newsletter is distributed to over 25,000 Aspire Registry members, a number that continues to grow.

The Aspire Registry is now releasing its newsletter seasonally! In the latest newsletter, the Aspire Registry Team encourages early childhood professionals to utilize the Core Body of Knowledge: New York State’s Core Competencies for Early Childhood Educators to seek out professional development areas to explore this summer. After identifying these areas, they can use the Aspire Statewide Training Calendar to search for relevant professional development. The Aspire Registry Team also discusses the Aspire Registry Attendance App. Trainers use the app to take attendance at professional development events by scanning the code on the back of Aspire membership cards or key tags. When trainers scan the card or key tag, participants will immediately get credit for attending the session on their Aspire profile. In addition, the newsletter features a spotlight on Julie Burt, the Director at United Educare Preschool. She shares her favorite part of working with young children for almost 20 years.

Read the newsletter here: The Aspire Registry Summer Newsletter 2017