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Teachers Speak Out

This week, Defending the Early Years (DEY) launched its two-minute documentary, “Teachers Speak Out”. In this first mini-documentary, public school kindergarten teacher, Bianca Tanis, discusses the hijacking of early education and the growing crisis among early learners. Too many children are being identified as having special needs or behavioral issues when they simply need to move, play, and learn through exploration.

The New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute believes that young children need and deserve the best start possible in their early years. When young children are protected, nurtured, and encouraged to learn about what interests them they have a better chance of thriving in childhood and securing healthy and productive futures. The Institute encourages you to watch and share this important mini-documentary, available here in English and Spanish.

To watch the documentary, click here.




One Comment

  1. Kathy Blackwell says:

    Wonderful! So articulate…I could not agree more…we need to speak up for the children, their very hearts, minds and souls…..