Teachers Speak Out

This week, Defending the Early Years (DEY) launched its two-minute documentary, “Teachers Speak Out”. In this first mini-documentary, public school kindergarten teacher, Bianca Tanis, discusses the hijacking of early education and the growing crisis among early learners. Too many children are being identified as having special needs or behavioral issues when they simply need to […]

Children in New York City are healthier since the start of Pre-K for All

In a recent article on Chalkbeat New York, Christina Veiga discusses how the launch of Pre-K for All has led to improved health outcomes for low-income children. In a report released this month by the National Bureau of Economic Research, using data from 2013 through 2016, researchers found that children eligible for pre-K were more […]

Elevating the Workforce

The challenges and opportunities we face make for ‘interesting times’.  At the New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute (Institute) we seek to strengthen and elevate the early childhood workforce.  We’ve built a comprehensive system of workforce development, known as New York Works for Children, and work with city and state agencies, and nationally, to […]

The Promise of Teacher-Residency Programs

In an article featured in the Atlantic, author Jackie Mader discusses a new innovative teacher preparation model that adopts practices from the medical field. Urban Teachers is a 3-year residency program in which prospective teachers co-teach a classroom with an experienced teacher while earning a master’s degree and receiving ongoing coaching. After completing the third […]

How New York Made Pre-K a Success

In a recent op-ed in the New York Times, David L. Kirp discusses New York City’s successful Pre-K for All program. The article focuses on the challenges that New York City overcame to establish a universal pre-kindergarten program that enrolls more children in full-day pre-K programs than any state except Georgia and continues to make […]

Equity and Excellence in the Earliest Years, from Administration for Children & Families

Equity and Excellence in the Earliest Years: Action on Expulsion and Suspension in Early Childhood Settings By Shantel Meek, PhD, Policy Advisor for Early Childhood Development Psychologists, neuroscientists and economists alike agree: The beginning years of any child’s life are critical for building the early foundation of health and wellness needed for success in school […]

The Preschool Nation Summit in NYC (DigitalJournal)

The country's first Preschool Nation Summit will be held August 5, gathering leaders inside and outside the field of early education. Hosted by Los Angeles Universal Preschool, the summit is just one part of a larger initiative to advocate for Universal Pre-K on a national platform. Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio will […]

New Major Finding from FPG’s Abecedarian Project

New scientific findings are reporting that children who received high-quality early care and education in the Abecedarian Project from birth to age 5 enjoy better physical health in their mid-30s than peers who did not attend the program. Frances Campbell, FPG Senior scientist and principal investigator of the Abecedarian Project, stated that  "to our knowledge, […]

Best Practices Highlighted in Early Childhood Videos: Watch it Here

First 5 and the Teaching Channel have teamed up to film six diverse preschools across San Francisco using a grant from the Evelyn & Walter Hass, Jr. Foundation.

New York Times Article: “Lifelines for Poor Children” by James J. Heckman

In this dynamic article, Heckman reinforces the value of a high quality early education programs and spouts data from both the Perry Preschool Project and the Carolina Abecedarian Project to enhance his arguments of the validity and efficacy of investing in effective early childhood development as a means of economic and social equalizers. Put simply, […]