Early childhood providers are re-entering their classrooms and considering how to make them safe, welcoming places for young children. Our CUNY colleagues through the Office of Early Childhood Initiatives at the Bronx Community College Early Childhood Center share a video resource they developed for students, staff, and families.

With the abrupt change and shift that impacted the world due to COVID-19, the teachers and staff of the Bronx Community College Early Childhood Center embraced new health and safety protocols and precautions. While we have adapted to this unusual norm, we partnered with Andy Gaukel our puppetry artist to create this video showcasing the multiple strategies we are implementing to minimize exposure between our teachers and students to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We are aware of the worries families may have sending their children back to school and we would like to ease those fears to the best of our ability. School may look different this year, but we are still trying to make it feel as normal as possible for the children. We are thankful for the families who trust our judgement and know we are following necessary guidelines for the well-being of the students, teachers, and families.

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Jitinder Walia is the Executive Director of the Bronx Community College Early Childhood Center.