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New York City’s Early Childhood Mental Health Network

The mental health of New York’s youngest children is of the upmost importance to ensure that they have the ability to thrive and grow in their homes, child care centers, and classrooms and develop into successful adults. In response to the needs of the city’s youngest children and their families, First Lady Chirlane McCray has […]

NYT Letter to the Editor on Accessible Child Care

To the Editor: “The Wages of Child Care” (Business Day, July 13) illuminates the problem: low wages driven by the fact that the burden to pay these wages rests on young families, early in their earning capacity, and grossly inadequate public subsidy rates. The United States needs to make a social policy change by allocating […]

How Does the Early Childhood Profession Support Children Experiencing Homelessness?

Homelessness continues to affect the lives of thousands of young children in New York and across the country. In addition to health and safety concerns, homeless children and youth also face many challenges when seeking access to education. In order to address these barriers, the U.S. Department of Education has recently released guidance to states and school […]

The Administration for Children & Families Announces a New Policy Statement on Early Childhood Career Pathways

Building quality through a well-trained and educated workforce continues to be an important focus of the early childhood field, both at the state level and nationally. Experts agree that developing and retaining a strong early childhood workforce begins with creating clear, research-based career pathways that outline the knowledge and competencies necessary to be a successful […]

Early Learning Career Pathways Initiative: Credentialing in the Early Care and Education Field

Posted on 1 of July, 2016 by in Policy

Evidence for the importance of career pathways and ladders in the early childhood field continues to be produced through academic and policy research. In a new report entitled Early Learning Career Pathways Initiative: Credentialing in the Early Care and Education Field, the authors describe the federal pathways framework used by several agencies and how the […]

Yes, Preschool Works. Let’s Make it Work for More Children

In a recent article in Medium, Kris Perry, Executive Director of the First Five Years Fund, discusses the need to move past the debate of whether or not preschool works, and instead focus on innovation, experimentation, and evaluation. Perry argues that research has consistently shown the academic and economic benefits of preschool, especially for disadvantaged […]

Everyone Loves Pre-K, But No One’s Asking the Key Question: How Do We Train Early Educators?

In a recent article of The 74, Conor P. Williams, Ph.D., Senior Researcher of New America's Education Policy Program, discusses the importance of professionalizing the early childhood workforce in order to improve the quality of early childhood care and education nationwide. Dr. Williams frames his argument around the current presidential election, and urges candidates and […]

The $90 Billion Question: Do We Need Government-supplied Daycare?

In a recent article featured in The Washington Post, Danielle Paquette shares the findings of a new report from researchers at the Economic Policy Institute, which discusses the need for universal high-quality daycare nationally. The researchers argue that universal daycare would resolve the growing problem of the high cost of childcare for young families, as […]

NYC Parents Give Pre-K High Marks in Survey

A recent study of 1,100 families with children enrolled in New York City’s universal pre-K classes reports that 90% of families are happy with the program. The New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute is proud to be a partner in NYC’s pre-K workforce initiatives. Learn more at

How New York Made Pre-K a Success

In a recent op-ed in the New York Times, David L. Kirp discusses New York City’s successful Pre-K for All program. The article focuses on the challenges that New York City overcame to establish a universal pre-kindergarten program that enrolls more children in full-day pre-K programs than any state except Georgia and continues to make […]