New York’s Agri-Business Child Development program celebrates 70 years of service!!!

Posted on 29 of November, 2016 by in Events

The Agri-Business Child Development program (ABCD Program) was established to meet the needs of parents working on New York State’s farms back in 1946. As a non-profit provider of high quality culturally and linguistically diverse child development services for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers, Agri-Business Child Development ensures that each child receives comprehensive educational, health and […]

Early Learning Career Pathways Initiative: Credentialing in the Early Care and Education Field

Posted on 1 of July, 2016 by in Policy

Evidence for the importance of career pathways and ladders in the early childhood field continues to be produced through academic and policy research. In a new report entitled Early Learning Career Pathways Initiative: Credentialing in the Early Care and Education Field, the authors describe the federal pathways framework used by several agencies and how the […]

High-Quality Early Learning Settings Depend on a High-Quality Workforce: Low Compensation Undermines Quality

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Education released a new report yesterday, High-Quality Early Learning Settings Depend on a High-Quality Workforce: Low Compensation Undermines Quality. The report describes the challenges that the early childhood workforce faces in providing high quality care and education for our youngest children and […]

More Information about President Obama’s FY2017 Budget and its Investments in Early Childhood

Thanks to our friends at the Early Care and Education Consortium for providing us with this information.

A Message of Reflection and Gratitude as 2016 Draws Near

Dear Colleagues, Darren Walker, the President of the Ford Foundation, wrote a beautiful Op-Ed in Friday’s New York Times about the value and purpose of philanthropy and its role in creating a culture of justice and equity. I found myself reflecting on his message and our work at the Institute. The question of whether and […]

NEW Series for Educators and Families on Gender, Sexuality, and the Family in Early Childhood Education

Dear Early Childhood Educators, We at the New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute (PDI) are excited to announce the launch of a new series which combines our workshops for educators on gender and sexuality with newly designed workshops for parents and families. Our hope is to run this series of five workshops (three for […]

Fareed Zakaria on the Importance of Early Childhood

Posted on 13 of February, 2015 by in Policy

Fareed Zakaria dedicated his February 7th What in the World segment to the importance of quality early childhood care and education. In the segment, titled: "What in the World? Obama's preschool proposal" Zakaria addresses The United States' failure to properly invest in early childhood and Obama's newest proposals. He also gives an overview of research […]

Upcoming Event: From Italy to Sweden to New York City

 What: From Italy to Sweden to New York City: Pedagogical documentation as a tool for transformation Where: Brooklyn New School auditorium at 610 Henry Street When: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 Who: Featured Speaker, Karin Alnervik free childcare is provided with R.S.V.P. Contact for more information.

NYT Article: Help Families From Day 1

Claire Huntington, author of “Failure to Flourish: How Law Undermines Family Relationships” and a law professor at Fordham, writes in the New York Times Op-Ed pages about the various legal and economic changes that need to occur to help support families with young children. Read the Article  

Info Session: New Play Therapy Program at Brooklyn College

From Brooklyn College: We’re proud to announce the launching of the Play Therapy Program at Brooklyn College. This 16-credit Advanced Certificate program aims to support all children’s mental health, development and learning. Learn more about the program You are invited to attend an Information Session hosted by Professor Carol Korn-Bursztyn. When? Thursday, May 1, from […]