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New York City Teens Connection: The NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene is committed to helping create a world where all New Yorkers can safely express their sexuality and gender identity with dignity, possessing the knowledge, skills and resources to support healthy and fulfilling lives. New York City Teens Connection (NYCTC) is an adolescent sexual health program of the Bureau of Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health (BMIRH) in the Division of Family and Child Health within the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH). NYCTC is an expansion of Bronx Teens Connection, scaling up this successful community-based model to reach more youth throughout NYC. By engaging youth, parents, community-based organizations, schools, clinics, and citywide agencies in a comprehensive effort to improve adolescent sexual health, NYCTC will help youth in NYC learn about their sexual and reproductive health, access the information and resources they need to make healthy decisions, and feel empowered to act on these decisions. Poor health outcomes rarely occur in isolation, and certain communities tend to face multiple health inequities. These unfair, unnecessary, and avoidable disparities are rooted in historical and contemporary injustices and discrimination ? including racism ? and require the investment of attention, resources, and deliberate corrective efforts to repair. NYCTC is part of a larger health department effort to advance just and fair outcomes for all New Yorkers, particularly those most marginalized, and prioritizes neighborhoods with histories of social disinvestment and persistently poor health outcomes.


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