Program offers volunteering opportunities for families, such as help with field trips and opportunities to share talents and expertise.

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Evidence must show that program offers opportunities for family members to volunteer.

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It is important to provide families with opportunities to participate in their child’s program. Allowing family members to volunteer will enhance the trust and partnership between families and care givers.

Understanding FIS-4

Why is it important to offer volunteering opportunities for families? 

Families are a key element in all child care programs and it is important for programs to build a positive relationship with the family of each child in its care. Family involvement can include regular communication, volunteering, serving as advocates for young children's issues, serving on the program's parent board or advisory group, or getting involved in the community.

In what ways can families be involved in a program?

Many parents/families are eager to help in activities that involve their children. There are many ways that families can volunteer to help support your program. The following are good examples of volunteer opportunities to suggest to parents/families:

  • Assist in a classroom activity on a regular basis - reading to children, cooking, gardening
  • Be a chaperone for field trips
  • Edit newsletters
  • Help with improvement projects like gardening
  • Plan special occasions (festivals, teacher recognition events, clean up days and cultural events)
  • Design and maintain your website
  • Visit the classroom to share specific information about special skills or family traditions