Program provides workshops, training or other events for families on educational topics.

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Evidence must show that program provides educational opportunities to families.

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It is helpful for programs to support the ongoing education of families on topics relevant to their children’s development.

Understanding FIS-3

Why is it important to provide workshops, training or other events for families on educational topics?

Parents and family members often want information on topics such as parenting, child development, money management and planning, employment and career planning, and other topics relevant to family well-being.

Early care and education centers provide a unique opportunity for families to access support in a non-stigmatizing context. Parents/families who take their children to these programs on a daily basis act as "empowered consumers," as one practitioner put it. They are much more likely to accept assistance and advice from someone they have chosen themselves, whom they see every day, than to accept services offered only after problems emerge or their children are identified as being "at risk." Early childhood programs are grounded in the principles of identifying children's strengths and providing the encouragement that creates an open space for learning. This same philosophy, when applied to parents/families, creates an opportunity for staff to reach out to families in a non-threatening, non-judgmental way.

Where can I find more information?

Many community-based organizations offer educational workshops and events for families. You may choose to partner with these organizations to either ask them to hold one of their workshops at your program or refer families to workshops hosted at the other organizations. Either way, forming an intentional relationship with these community partners will help your program determine what educational opportunities will best fit the interests and needs of families. 

Below is a list of types of agencies that are often located in communities that offer adult and parent/ family education:

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