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Miss Flori at the Sand Table Part 2

CBK Connections

  • 1.3
    Self-regulation and Coping Skills
    • 1.3.c
      Responds promptly to children's signals and needs and energy levels
    • 1.3.d
      Reads children's cues and responds by adjusting expectations and activities
    • 1.3.e
      Creates an environment and provides strategies that help children to:
  • 4.3
    Addresses Challenging Behavior
    • 4.3.b
      Responds to challenging behavior in ways that match the child's development
    • 4.3.e
      Considers what he or she knows about individual children's temperament (i.e., activity level, adaptability, persistence) and responds to challenging behavior in ways that match the children's temperament
    • 4.3.f
      Remains calm and respectful toward the child exhibiting challenging behavior
    • 4.3.g
      Allows natural consequences to guide children's behavior as much as possible
    • 4.3.i
      Intervenes immediately to stop behavior that affects safety and/or ability to learn, including bullying or rejecting others
    • 4.3.l
      Teaches children more effective ways to meet their wants and needs, making the challenging behavior unnecessary
    • 4.3.m
      Encourages children to monitor their own behavior