PDI Policy Brief

In our periodic Policy Briefs we present thoroughly researched arguments for policy changes in the field of early childhood care and education. The Policy Brief is just one of many PDI publications

Building the Pipeline for a Successful Early Childhood Workforce in New York

PDI is currently producing a series of Policy Briefs addressing strategies for building a strong early childhood workforce. The first issue is an overview of the new policy agenda to achieve this goal, and future issues will delve more deeply into each agenda item.

A New Policy Agenda
An Overview of Our Workforce Building Policy Recommendations
Fall 2013

We must reinvigorate New York's early childhood workforce by starting right: with highly motivated, qualified, diverse, and prepared early childhood teachers. PDI is launching a three point policy agenda:

  1. activate recruitment efforts
  2. improve teacher preparation
  3. establish teacher induction programs

This issue gives an overview of these agenda items. Future issues of the policy brief will adress each in detail.

Previous Volumes

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