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Cardinal McCloskey Community Services
Date Posted: 04/02/2020
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Location: Bronx, NY, New York
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An imaginative person with the interest and ability to teach three to five year old children. Knowledge of recent developments in the field of Early Childhood Education, particularly as it relates to the proper education of children of low income families. Serves as a mentor to other teachers at the site. The Master Teacher will assume the role of Educational Director in his/her absence.


-Early Childhood Educators, especially new teachers should receive adequate levels of observation, feedback and support to promote developmentally appropriate practice. In order to provide this support the Master teacher will.

-Meet regularly with the educational staff at a site, providing a system of support by mentoring the newer teacher as they shape their teaching practice. The Master teacher will build partnerships with the staff by asking questions that help protégés think about what is working or not working in their environments.

-Support the teaching teams and provide guidance by modeling the following: Emotional Support (positive climate, teacher sensitivity, and regard for student perspectives) Classroom Organization (behavior management, productivity and instructional learning formats) and Instructional Support (concept development, quality of feedback and language modeling).

-Assist teachers with lesson planning, anecdotal record keeping, child screening/assessments and other classroom responsibilities.

· Supervise the overall function of the classroom:

· Take into account the individual differences and needs of the children’s’ culture, language, special abilities and handicaps.

· Enhance children’s’ understanding of themselves as individuals and in relation to others by planning with the assistant teacher, a flexible program which provides for individual, small group and large group activities.

· Encourage children to solve problems, initiate activities, experiment, question and gain mastery through learning.

· Encourage children to organize their experience, and understand concept in all curriculum areas according to the individual developmental levels of the children.

· Provide balanced programs, open learning and structured experiences.

· Integrate the various educational aspects of other Head Start components into the daily program (health, services, nutrition).

· Use resources in the community to enhance the program.

· Direct a daily education program for the class, providing an atmosphere in which the children will develop a love for learning.

· Provide the skills a child needs to grow socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and culturally.

· Plan trips and other special events in accordance with the Head Start procedures and objectives.

· Hold regular meetings with classroom staff to discuss plans and evaluate progress of children and program.

· Schedule and conduct home visits with Teacher Assistant and Family Worker, according to Head Start procedures.

· Work closely with the Family Assistant and Family Worker to provide support to the children and their families.

· Coordinate the involvement of parents in all activities in the educational aspects of the program by:

· Encouraging parent participation in the classroom.

· Holding regular parent-teacher conferences.

· Conduct monthly class committee meetings for the purpose of receiving parent input into the program activities, and to familiarize parents with the curriculum so they can carry out activities in their homes and reinforce the child’s’ learning.

· Maintain records of children, class committee, workshops and in-service training. Report pertinent information to team partner, Education Director and/or Center Director.

· Keep a daily record of attendance and meal count; submit a monthly attendance report and meal count report to Center Director.

· Maintain class plans in accordance with Head Start procedures.

· Requisition supplies and equipment needed for the classroom.

· Care for classroom equipment and supplies and help maintain sanitary and safe classroom conditions.


  • Masters in Early Childhood with Initial/Permanent Certification and B-2
  • 3-5 years educational experience in a Head Start Program or other ECE setting
  • Classroom Lens Assessment Scoring System Reliability (CLASS) preferred

Application Instructions:

Please apply to the position at the link below.,NY?jid=DQ2e6655eef4ce5fa0b91975a62bb515d4

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