Chickpeas Coop Preschool
Date Posted: 03/10/2019
Salary / Wage:
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Job Type: Teacher


Chickpeas is a parent-run cooperative preschool located in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. As a cooperative, most administrative tasks are performed by parent volunteers while three paid, full-time teachers manage the classroom and curriculum.  Teachers work in staggered shifts between the hours of 8am-6pm. We offer a full-day program for a mixed-age group of three and four year olds. The school consists of a single classroom of 20 children, with the four year olds being part of the city’s PreK For All program.

The Chickpeas curriculum is based loosely on the Bank Street philosophy of early childhood education, which maintains that children learn best through play, inquiry, and exploration. We practice emergent curriculum, creating units of study that stem from the children’s interests and are democratically voted on. We also emphasize social and emotional development, believing that children who display positive self-concepts, secure attachments to peers and staff, and a repertoire of empathic skills are the children most ready to learn, remember, and use academic skills.


Chickpeas is also a school that educates for social justice and uses an anti-bias lens. We talk openly about difficult topics and help children develop the critical thinking skills that we hope will have a positive impact on the world. Interest and/or passion around these issues preferred, but practice with this type of teaching IS NOT required.


The new Teacher would be working collaboratively with the Education Director/Head Teacher to develop and implement curriculum, perform assessments, and communicate with parents. We are looking for someone creative and motivated to be part of a dynamic school community.


We are looking for an experienced, NYS certified teacher. Candidates who have worked as a head teacher for two or more years are preferred.

Application Instructions:

Please email resume and cover letter to jobs@chickpeas.org.  Please include information about whether you are currently a NY certified teacher, or whether you are working towards certification, and you availability to begin working.