Business Specialist

The Committee For Hispanic Children & Families, Inc.
Date Posted: 01/08/2019
Salary / Wage:
Location: New York, New York
Job Type: Higher Ed. / Trainer


The Business Specialist is the Family Child Care business content expert for the Early Care and Education Institute. The Business specialist will develop and deliver targeted coaching and professional development to staff and providers around themes and topics specifically related to child care programs' business needs. In addition, the Business Specialist will liaise with the ECEI Administrative team to establish and manage a caseload of providers towards individualized program improvement goals related to business management.


Essential Job Functions:

Relationship Building 

• Develops and maintains strong working relationships with each provider within individual caseload

• Explains and models the change process consistently

• Works with providers to set shared goals for program quality improvement Content Learning/Development

• Bring some content knowledge/formal learning in at least one of ECEI’s four content areas, with the goal of developing expertise in one content area and working knowledge in all four (through a combination of in-office learning and PD)

• Explains and models the change process consistently • Works with providers to set shared SMART goals for program quality improvement

• Demonstrates a commitment to the concept of shared learning by using strategies that encourage shared decision-making, joint problem-solving, and partnership development

• Models openness to learning and taking risks

• Uses active listening and powerful questions to understand the provider’s intent in the context of their values and goals, and to support the provider’s self-expression Technical Assistance

• Provides needed resources to programs within caseload (links, phone numbers, contact information for potential partners, information for additional training, etc.) in alignment with program’s quality improvement goals

• Supports caseload programs with targeted on-the-spot solutions and support based on the program’s needs

• Refers to caseload providers, if applicable, to needed services outside of CHCF

• Takes provider appointments at CHCF central and satellite offices Group Training and Facilitation

• Facilitate training (X) times per fiscal year in accordance with (X) contract Administration

• Case management for all program providers in caseload—includes case notes, follow up, and progress monitoring for an assigned group of FCC providers

• Complete (X) number of health care plans a year in accordance with CCR&R contract

• Resource management—contribute to an agency resource list for supporting services for providers

• Participate in in-house professional development opportunities, keep certifications and credentials up to date Business Specialist (ECEI) 3

• Participation in, and/or preparation for, ECEI events: Provider Resource Days and ECEI Annual Conference

• CHCF inter-agency collaboration, as appropriate and needed


• Commitment to co-teaching and co-learning (learning and improvement as reciprocal processes)

• Believes that providers know what they need and are capable of achieving their goals and our role is to guide them to it

• Commitment to CHCF values


Education and Experience

•Full professional fluency in English and Spanish required (writing, reading, academic-level)

• Refer to Aspire education/professional experience ladder requirements (level 7 or above)

• Will complete Aspire requirements for verified trainer related to business practices

Application Instructions:

Natalie Rodriguez

75 Broad Street, Suite 620  

New Yor, NY 10004