Early Childhood Coach

The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families
Date Posted: 05/09/2018
Salary / Wage: 35,000 to 40,000
Location: Manhattan , New York
Job Type: Other


The Early Childhood Coach will work in collaboration with a team of coaches, the Coaching Coordinator, and the Provider Liaisons to manage a caseload of child care providers towards improved program quality using the ECEI provider coaching framework, and to facilitate professional development opportunities for providers as part of the broader ECEI PD program.

The Early Childhood Coach with Infant Toddler specialization will, in addition to the responsibilities above, provide internal and external professional development related to best practices for programs serving infants and toddlers, in alignment with the NY State Infant Toddler team's Theory 


Relationship Building

  • In accordance with NYSAEYC’s Coaching Competencies, uses positive interpersonal skills to develop a respectful and responsive relationship with each provider
  • Demonstrates respect for an interest in the individual abilities of each provider
  • Partners with providers to identify learning and communicating styles and preferences
  • Demonstrates feelings of care and empathy that are strengths-based and focused on positive changes when working with providers
  • Demonstrates cultural competence and understands its relevance to the coaching relationship (i.e., employs practices that are gender-neutral, racially and ethnically inclusive, etc.)
  • Demonstrates appreciation for the provider’s perspective, even when it is different from one’s own
  • Remains focused on the provider’s needs when disagreements or conflicts surface

Case Management

  • Completes initial, midpoint, and final assessments with a total of 15 caseload providers using evidence-based tools (FCCERS-R, CLASS, etc.) in line with CHCF and ECEI’s intended outcomes
  • Partners with each caseload provider to create an individualized coaching plan based on a combination of sector best practices, assessment results, and provider self-diagnosed needs
  • Facilitates biweekly, intensive site visits (2-4 hours each) with each of the 15 providers within caseload (visits will correspond to the provider’s coaching plan, and will center around domains of quality development)
  • Coordinates additional quality improvement services and resources for caseload providers as needed
  • Evaluates provider progress through consistent documentation (case notes, informal assessment, photos, work products, phone calls, visit logs) to be shared with the Coaching Coordinator and Director for ECEI


  • Bring some content knowledge/formal learning in at least one of ECEI’s four content areas, with the goal of developing expertise in one content area and working knowledge in all four (through a combination of in-office learning and PD)
  • Explains and models the change process consistently
  • Works with providers to set shared SMART goals for program quality improvement
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the concept of shared learning by using strategies that encourage shared decision-making, joint problem-solving, and partnership development
  • Models openness to learning and taking risks
  • Uses active listening and powerful questions to understand the provider’s intent in the context of their values and goals, and to support provider’s self-expression

Technical Assistance

  • Provides needed resources to programs within caseload (links, phone numbers, contact information for potential partners, information for additional training, etc.) in alignment with program’s quality improvement goals
  • Supports caseload programs with targeted on-the-spot solutions and support based on the program’s needs
  • Connects caseload providers with grants and other CHCF incentives and supports in alignment with coaching plan and ECEI’s contract deliverables (CCR&R, City’s First Readers, etc.)

Group Training and Facilitation

  • Facilitate a minimum of two provider training per CHCF fiscal year
  • Facilitate Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) once a month for two hours
  • Participation in, and/or preparation for, ECEI events: Provider Resource Days and ECEI Annual Conference
  • CHCF inter-agency collaboration, as appropriate and needed


Education and Experience

  • Full professional fluency in English and Spanish required (writing, reading, academic-level)
  • Refer to Aspire education/professional experience ladder requirements (4B or above)
  • Will complete Aspire credentialing process within 6 months of hire—strong preference given to those who come with valid Aspire credential

Application Instructions:

Please Submit your resume and  cover letter to Cgriffith@chcfinc.org Subject line Early Childhood Coach Candidate and or apply by going to our website at https://www.chcfinc.org/job/early-childhood-coach/

Additional Information:


  • Commitment to co-teaching and co-learning (learning and improvement as reciprocal processes)
  • Aligned with ICF’s Coaching Code of Ethics (https://coachfederation.org/code-of-ethics/)
  • Believes that providers know what they need and are capable of achieving their goals and our role is to guide them to it
  • Commitment to CHCF values
  • Aligned professionally with the NYS Coach Competencies

Work Schedule/Location

  • Monday—Friday; CHCF Main Office, 75 Broad Street, Suite 620, New York, NY 10004
  • Some weekends required for trainings and events