Early Education is a Great Investment

I start every morning the same way. I sip my coffee and skim the news, usually education news. This morning I came across a good article in Huffington Post, Why Investing in Kids Is Good for Business. It serves as a powerful reminder. In New York, we are days away from a budget deal. The […]

Making the Hours Count (New America Education)

In the latest policy brief by Education Policy Program at New America, policy analyst Alexander Holt explores the disparities in early childhood education. In his latest publication, Making the Hours Count, Holt suggests an efficient way to study the disparities is to examine the language surrounding the discussion of full time vs half-time schooling. In […]

A Mad Dash to enroll Preschoolers (The Wall Street Journal)

  Due to the city aim to offer 33,000 full day Universal Pre-K seats by fall in New York City, early childhood centers are faced with an urgency to fill those seats. District pre-schools have been mostly filled since June, while the centers are still out enrolling new students. With months passed and millions of […]

The Preschool Nation Summit in NYC (DigitalJournal)

The country's first Preschool Nation Summit will be held August 5, gathering leaders inside and outside the field of early education. Hosted by Los Angeles Universal Preschool, the summit is just one part of a larger initiative to advocate for Universal Pre-K on a national platform. Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio will […]

Early Childhood and Human Capital (Washington Post)

Since the 2007-2009 recession, there have been historically high, long-term unemployment rates throughout the nation. Economists, policymakers, and businesspeople have since been pondering the question: how does the nation work to combat this unemployment? Jeffrey Lacker, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, presented the Federal Reserve’s plan of action in a speech at […]

Universal Pre-K Expansion Program (CapitalNY)

With the city’s mayor de Blasio pushing for an additional $300 million for the five boroughs and $40 million for the rest of the state, the program for state-wide access to universal pre-K structure is changing. For the first time community-based organizations may apply for funds independent of their local school districts. This creates more access […]

CUNY’s New Accelrated Certification Program (Clarion)

Following the city’s move to expand early childhood education, there is a demand for 2,000 new pre-K teachers to be certified and prepared for the classroom by September 2015. In response, CUNY’s Early Childhood Professional Development Institute has moved to create a new accelerated program which prepares new teachers through one of two tracks throughout […]

Newest Standardized Test for Kindergarten Elite Schools (NYMag)

In the growing age of standardized testing, NYC elite private kindergartens are forgoing the 45-year standard, the IQ tests, for the “Educational Records Bureau's brand-new Admission Assessment for Beginning Learners.” This new standardized test will be administered on an iPad, cost $65, and has starting tutoring rates ranging between $140 and $200 a session. One […]

National Survey Finds Overwhelming Support for Public Investments in Early Learning

The First Five Years Fund just released the results of a national survey which revealed an overwhelming support for early childhood education. Here are the some of the highlights from this study: 86% of voters stated that “ensuring children get a strong start” is an important national priority, second to “increasing jobs and economic growth.” […]

Innovative 5 minute video highlighting the importance of building adult capacities to improve child outcomes

It's only 5 minutes! Take five minutes and watch this informative video from the Frontiers of Innovation at Harvard University as they discuss the importance of building adult capacities to improve child outcomes. Adults- both parents and those that care for children- need “hands on” opportunities to improve their skills and provide what children need. […]