NYC Early Childhood Research Network

About the Research Network

The NYC Early Childhood Research Network was established to bring representatives from New York's City agencies and researchers in the New York City metropolitan area together to consider key research questions to benefit programs and policies serving children from birth through age 8. Resources, initially made available from the Foundation for Child Development, have already funded seven research studies that will look at early childhood education in programs funded through the Administration for Children's Services (ACS) and the NYC Department of Education (DOE). Researchers are examining the implementation of early education programs in low, moderate, and high resourced communities with a particular focus on the early childhood workforce and professional development. Additional funds will be raised to provide other researchers with the opportunity to collaborate and propose new studies, also to benefit programs and policies.

The Network is convened by the New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute and provides a facilitator/coordinator who serves the Institute as its Director of Research and Evaluation. The Network serves to bring researchers together to discuss key issues and to learn from each other. We engage outside experts to share related research and provide new perspectives about early childhood research. The Network also serves to streamline some components of the research such as recruitment and sampling so as to reduce the stress on participants. While each research team will publish findings independently the Network provides opportunities for collaborative dissemination as well as sharing lessons learned about our collaboration.